Update – I’m a Finalist!

Thank you for your nominations, I’m delighted to share that I have been shortlisted as one of five finalists in the Baby/Toddler Influencer category. Now, rather than asking for your nomination, I’m now asking for your vote. Click here or the image below to vote before Friday 28th February 2020.

MADS 2020

Original Post

This year marks the return of the Tots100 MAD Awards (Mum and Dad Awards) for blogging, and I’m officially throwing my hat into the ring. The awards have twelve categories, designed to shine a light on some of our industries brightest and most wonderful. The parenting blogging community is one I am incredibly proud to be a part of. The support and encouragement found in Facebook groups, on Instagram and in real life is a rare and beautiful thing. The bloggers I once admired became supporters, then online friends and now the times I get to spend with these men and women ‘in real life’ are much looked forward to and cherished.

Favourite Baby and Toddler Influencer

I’m asking for your consideration to be nominated for the Favourite Baby and Toddler Influencer, which is open to influencers with children aged three years old and under. This category perfectly sums up my blogging journey so far, having started during my second trimester in pregnancy and now we’re in the six month countdown to Pickle’s fourth birthday. From Little Pickle’s Mom to Holly Made Life, this blog has followed the journey, creating it’s own little community of supportive parents along the way.

How to Nominate

If you’d like to nominate any of your favourite parenting influencers, the full category list and nomination form can be found on the Tots 100 website.

For a reminder of some of my blogging highlights this year, take a look at my 2019 Year in Review, and if you’d like to see why I think I deserve a nomination, have a read below.

Creating Content that Resonates

Some of the content I have been most proud of, are those that have been the hardest to write because they expose something that made me feel quite vulnerable. It’s easy to share the parts of our lives we are proud of, but it’s a different kettle of fish to share the things we’re worried about or the things that make us feel abnormal.

Are we just co-existing?

One of my most read blog posts is ‘Are we just co-existing?‘, an honest exploration of marriage and sex in the first year of parenthood. I cannot describe how comforting it was to know my experience mirrored that of many, up and down the country, making me (and others) feel less alone.

Bitemark on my hand as part of a day out at Hanbury Hall

I’ve also shared a lot about our experiences of biting. During his teething months, Pickle would periodically go through horrific phases of biting, and unless you’ve been there and worn the parenting t-shirt, it’s hard to describe how awful it is. We are, thankfully, past it now but my content still stands, offering both emotional support and practical support for parents of biters.


In the last year, I’ve been determined to share and encourage the mental and physical benefits of time spent outside to family life. We never feel more connected, more energised and more at peace after a day running around in the fresh air. It’s why so much of my content is focused on our outdoors adventures, whether that’s just a simple walk to the shops, a day spent on the water, camping in a field or mountain climbing.

Cheeky Pickle sticking his tongue out at the Clent Hills

In September 2019, I created the #OutsideinAutumnChallenge on Instagram as a way to start a little community of likeminded parents (and non-parents!) to share ideas for getting a daily dose of fresh air over the Autumn months. I loved seeing the images shared and I’m incredibly proud of the result.

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