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  • Gorgeous sunrise over Mount Snowdon

    Sunrise Snowdon Summit from Llanberis

    On 13th July 2019, together with my Mom, my hockey friend Pat and about fifty strangers, I boarded a coach around the back of Selfridges in Birmingham at 9pm to make our way to Llanberis in Wales. At about 12.40am, we arrived and set off to do a Sunrise Summit of Mount Snowdon. I was not prepared for just how magical it would be.

    The Llanberis Path Route

    The Llanberis Path is the longest but gentlest way to climb Snowdon- making it the safest choice for ascent in the dark. There and back is about a 9 mile walk, covering an ascent of about 3,200 ft or 975 metres. Whilst there are a couple of sections that are a little steep and require a determined effort, describing it as a strenuous walk is probably about right. I’d say it’s very doable for a wide range of ages and experiences. read more

    / July 19, 2019
  • Standing in front of the Dovecote at Le Manoir Hotel

    My 2018 Travel Bucket List

    This is a collaborative post with Destination2

    As the year draws to a close, I can’t help but look back over the last twelve months. It’s been our first full year as parents, and I can’t quite believe how quick it’s gone! I find myself wondering what have we done? And the answer is: quite a lot of little things, actually. In the preceding years to this one, we’ve done a lot of ‘big things’: we got engaged, we got married, we honeymooned, we got pregnant, we had a baby – all undeniably major events. But 2017 was a year of the ordinary moments. It’s the year we first ventured to Bluestone, went on our first family camping trip, Pickle’s first birthday, he learned to walk, and since then the weeks have rolled by filled with baby swimming classes, Rhythm Time and Talking Tots.

    Family photo in the snow

    2017 wasn’t a year of ‘big things’, and whilst my bank balance as a Stay at Home Mom isn’t particularly spectacular, I’ll be hoping there will be at least something big to commemorate the big occasion of 2018: my 30th birthday!

    Lifestyle, Parenting, UK Travel
    / December 21, 2017
  • Windy Day at Mwnt Beach in Splash About UV Combi Suit

    Testing out the Splash About UV Combi Suit

    Before we went away on our camping trip to Wales, I was really excited to be sent our next product to test out as Splash About Gurus. We’ve always trusted Splash About products for Pickle’s swimming attire (in fact, it’s all he’s ever worn, from three weeks old upwards!) and testing out their latest Splash About UV Combi suit couldn’t have been more perfectly timed for our trip away.

    Perfect for all day on the beach when its windy, but the sun is out. Now you can relax knowing they are sun protected and still warm. Great for swimming and splashing in the waves, or by the poolside.

    Parenting, Reviews
    / October 9, 2017
  • Fire and Rescue

    Volunteering for the Fire & Rescue Training Event

    Warning: this post contains images some might find distressing. None of the injuries or scenes depicted are real. If you would like to read this post without images, please click here.

    Somewhere in the middle of the Welsh countryside, nestled in the Brecon Beacons, is a strange eerie uninhabited village. Its buildings have no windows, and are boarded up with metal sheets and every now and then, the sound of gunfire can be heard in the distance. Its called Sennybridge, a purpose-built training village for the Army and, on 16th September, it was the scene of a mass-casualty training event for the Hereford & Worcester, and Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Services. After being roped in by my friend Katie, I went along as a volunteer to do a little bit of role-playing and help make the staged scenario as real as possible for the fire crews responding. It’s a day I don’t think I’ll be forgetting in a hurry.


    The scenario was scarily topical, and involved a pedestrian area with several road accidents. When we arrived, there were cars and lorries already in place, and several ‘dead bodies’ (fairly realistic-looking, dressed sacks) of varying sizes and ages were strewn across the scene. As volunteers, it was our role to bring the scene to life. Some were trapped in (or under!) vehicles, most of us played the roles of walking wounded with a few unharmed bystanders, some with first-aid skills.

    I was assigned to Micro Scenario 1 as a walking wounded casualty. Our part of the scene involved two collided vehicles, with a poor bloke in one car trapped in-between them by his leg. They pulled out all the stops to make it look as realistic as possible – we were all made up with latex lacerations, and the part of the man with his leg trapped was played by an amputee with a very gruesome looking leg prosthetic complete with a blood squirting mechanism. There was already blood pooling under the cars and running down the street. Around the corner, another two cars had collided with some scaffolding and a man was pinned in his car by a piece of scaffolding pole that had gone right though him. Yeah, gruesome stuff.

    / September 18, 2017
  • LPD and Pickle on New Quay beach

    Our Family Camps – New Quay in Scrapbook Style

    After building up to it for so long, our week’s camping in Wales has been and gone in a flash, and I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we went. Whilst I could probably write for pages and pages about everything that we did, the lessons we learned and the things we’d do differently next time, this is more a post for me just to write about the things I particularly want to remember and to share some of my favourite holiday snaps. I’m calling this a ‘Scrapbook Style’ post… it’s mainly going to be a collection of photos with a spattering of memories and captions. Let me know what you think!

    Camping, Countryside, Lifestyle, Parenting, UK Travel
    / September 12, 2017
  • Sleeping Pickle in our Personalised Blanket Camping

    Our Family Camps with our Personalised Blanket

    Before we went on our first family camping trip, I was approached by All Personalised Blankets to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their blankets. Straight away, I liked the idea of having something made that could be our family camping blanket – one that we could take on all our camping adventures. I had visions of us all snuggling underneath it around a campfire, drinking hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows and watching the stars… and whilst that didn’t happen in Wales, I’m still hopeful it’ll happen in the future!

    Camping, Countryside, Lifestyle, Parenting, UK Travel
    / August 22, 2017