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  • Recovering from Antenatal Depression

    At 30 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with antenatal depression (you can read my diagnosis story over at Mumsy Midwife). I can’t describe what a crushing blow it was. Even though on some level, it was a relief to hear that there was a reason behind my debilitating mood, hearing those words made me feel like a complete and utter failure. I thought it was my fault. I cursed myself for already being a ‘bad mother’ and was determined – for my sake and Pickle’s – to turn things around as quickly as I could.

    Although any form of perinatal depression is more common if the patient has a history of mental health concerns, it wasn’t something I had ever experienced before. I didn’t really know how long it was likely to last, and how I’d feel on the medication I’d been given. I wanted to feel like there was a light at the end of a tunnel, but without having an accurate measurement for how long the tunnel was, it was difficult to feel hope was coming any time soon. However, I knew what I could do to help myself feel a bit more like myself again. I knew I needed to make myself feel a bit more proud of my achievements (however small!), I knew I needed to get some better nutrition and I knew being honest and open with my friends and family would make me feel less alone…. So I made myself an action list of things I wanted to do – some daily tasks, some weekly or some one-off – that I hoped would pull me out of the depression cloud quicker. read more

    Parenting, Pregnancy
    / November 18, 2016
  • Pickle is One Month Old

    I’m sorry, whoever turned the dial to speed up time, would you kindly slow it back down please? I know I’m just echoing the words of every other parent on the planet but how on earth is Pickle already one month old? I have so much to write about and finding the time to do so is increasingly difficult these days – I just want to document every tiny thing so I don’t forget any of this precious newborn stage.

    Of course, there are also some things I think I’d probably rather forget (especially my Day 5 hormonal breakdown over breastfeeding that left me with puffy eyelids for about two days afterwards!), but it’s all part of this crazy new lifestyle adjustment and I’ll happily take the rough with the smooth at the moment. read more

    0-6 Months, Parenting
    / July 7, 2016