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Paw Patrol

  • Bing Dining Plate

    I’ve become Merchandise Obsessed!

    I have surprised myself in many ways as a parent. I vividly remember sitting in Jamie’s Italian with Katie from Katie Pix when I was about four months pregnant talking about how I wouldn’t pick my baby up at night if they cried because I’d just be making a rod for my own back. Pregnant-Me would be eye-rolling at Actual-Parent-Me for my bedsharing, night-nursing, cuddle-to-sleep attachment parenting style! I can’t believe I thought I’d be wishing away those first precious baby months because I was much more excited about going to feed the ducks and playing in the park. In so many ways, I’m the opposite kind of parent than I thought I would be. And lately, I’ve been doing another thing I always thought I’d never succumb to as a parent… I’ve started buying into children’s TV merchandising. And not only am I buying into it, but I’m getting genuinely excited about it too. I literally squealed with excitement when I saw some teeny tiny Paw Patrol slippers in Morrisons last week.

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    Parenting, Reviews
    / October 18, 2017
  • Climbing up to Better Things

    Paw Patrol, Tidy Lounges and Exciting Emails #LittleLoves

    I hadn’t planned on writing this post, but I had a pang of guilt that I’d not written a #LittleLoves round up for ages whilst making myself a cuppa this morning and figured if I really put my mind to it, I could get it written in super quick speed. I’ve let Pickle entertain himself in front of Paw Patrol, practicing putting on his own wellies (his latest trick). I’m really enjoying the fact he doesn’t need such close supervision anymore – maybe that’s why it’s a bit easier to keep the place tidy now?

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    #LittleLoves, Parenting
    / October 6, 2017