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    I’ve become Merchandise Obsessed!

    I have surprised myself in many ways as a parent. I vividly remember sitting in Jamie’s Italian with Katie from Katie Pix when I was about four months pregnant talking about how I wouldn’t pick my baby up at night if they cried because I’d just be making a rod for my own back. Pregnant-Me would be eye-rolling at Actual-Parent-Me for my bedsharing, night-nursing, cuddle-to-sleep attachment parenting style! I can’t believe I thought I’d be wishing away those first precious baby months because I was much more excited about going to feed the ducks and playing in the park. In so many ways, I’m the opposite kind of parent than I thought I would be. And lately, I’ve been doing another thing I always thought I’d never succumb to as a parent… I’ve started buying into children’s TV merchandising. And not only am I buying into it, but I’m getting genuinely excited about it too. I literally squealed with excitement when I saw some teeny tiny Paw Patrol slippers in Morrisons last week.

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    Parenting, Reviews
    / October 18, 2017