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Dressmaking Course

  • Dressmaking Course at Sew Me Something

    Dressmaking Course – Week Three

    Last time I caught you up on my dressmaking adventures at Sew Me Something, my Simplicity New Look 6871 top was almost complete. First on the task list for Week Three was to finish that off and learn how to make bias binding. If you’d like to catch up on my previous dressmaking blog posts, go and have a gander at Week One and Week Two.

    Bias binding is something I’ve heard a lot about but (until now) has been a complete mystery to me. I knew that fabric on the ‘bias’ meant cutting on the diagonal to give the fabric a bit more stretch, give and flexibility but didn’t really understand how you’d do that and couldn’t get my head around how you’d then attach it to a garment… read more

    / March 7, 2016
  • Dressmaking Course at Sew Me Something

    Dressmaking Course – Week One

    I’ve been wanting to learn dressmaking for ages, and after several failed attempts to sign up to a local college course and time running out before Pickle’s arrival makes attending any kind of classes trickier, I bit the bullet and booked myself in for an Introduction to Dressmaking 6 week course at Sew Me Something, a gorgeous sewing shop in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    Over the 6 week course, I’ll be learning how to make a simple top and skirt… although I’m sure an avid sewer’s idea of simple is FAR from my idea of simple! Having only been adventurous enough to try making a tote bag and an envelope cushion cover so far, my experience is very limited. I ventured down to the shop beforehand to pick out what fabric I’d use, and was so excited to see a finished version of the top and skirt I’d be attempting (I didn’t manage to take a photo, but if I get chance next week, I’ll post it as the outfit looks FAB!). I tell you what, I am going to be so proud of myself by the end of the six weeks if I successfully make these! read more

    / February 10, 2016
  • Grumpy gargoyle

    23 Weeks: Update from Mom

    This could well end up being a grumpy post – hence the gargoyle. I’m not feeling in the chirpiest of moods this morning and whilst I know I should be very grateful for how relatively smooth and easy this pregnancy has been, that doesn’t mean I can’t still moan about some of the less desirable side effects of pregnancy that I seem to be experiencing.

    For instance, I was NOT best pleased to be woken up with leg cramp last night at some ungodly hour. Poor LPD! He must have thought something terrible had happened because whilst I don’t exactly remember waking, I just remember yelping in pain and he jumped up straight away to help massage my leg and try to ease the cramp. Luckily it didn’t last very long, but my leg aches so much today. It’s perhaps the third case of cramp I’ve had in about as many weeks and by the quick bit of research I’ve just looked at online, it looks like this could potentially last until Pickle’s born. Great. I think I’ll mention it to my midwife at my next appointment next week in case she has any tips. read more

    Pregnancy, Weekly Updates
    / January 29, 2016