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  • Storytelling with Moonlite Projector

    This post contains items that have been sent to us for review purposes.

    I was a complete book worm as a child. It wasn’t teddies and soft toys that adorned my bed at night: it was books. I always had a pile at the foot of my bed, and often several underneath my pillow, stashed away for safe keeping once my eyes had gotten too heavy to read another page. It’s a joy I really looked forward to sharing with my own child whilst pregnant, and I am so glad that as he’s gotten older, Pickle is showing more and more that he’ll be just the same. He loves a good story and I’m always up for story time. read more

    Aged 2+, Parenting, Reviews
    / March 6, 2019
  • ONecklace Personalised Necklace with three gold discs

    Giving Personalised Gifts this Christmas

    For the past few years now, I’ve noticed I’ve been relying ever-increasingly on the internet for my Christmas shopping. Especially in December, when the shops go a bit mad and you can be stood in a check-out queue for upwards of thirty minutes, I’d much rather get my presents sorted in the comfort of my own home, tucked under a blanket with a warming cup of tea and the Buble Christmas album on. Whilst that’s plenty of reason enough to stick to internet shopping, there is another big positive to ordering online: the wealth of customisable and personalised gifts available. Since becoming a parent, and spending HOURS deliberating on what name to give Pickle, the concept of celebrating names has become so much more appealing to me. Never has the value of a name meant more, and so here are some of my favourite bits and pieces from across the internet, showcasing all things personalised.

    / November 28, 2017
  • Finding Cows at Hanbury Hall

    Ooh-ooh-ah-ah, Oink Oink & Baa – Teaching Animal Noises

    We all know that babies, toddlers and even children do certain things at their own pace, in their own time. I’ve tried not to worry too much about hitting certain milestones by a particular age, and I’ve never had reason to be concerned, but I have noticed that Pickle isn’t as vocal as some of his friends. He’s quite good at telling us what he wants by pointing and making noise enough to be quite clear, and he does say some recognisable words (cheers, please, this and go being the four most commonly used!) but that’s more or less the extent of it. So, in an effort to encourage him to try saying more sounds and words, I’ve been trying my best to hammer animal noises into him.

    Toddler and a Sheep

    I’m not sure why I chose animal noises, especially after reading this American article which basically slates it as a pointless exercise but in my mind, if he can learn how to make animal sounds, that surely paves the way to further language skills? He’s not only listening and comprehending but learning how to manipulate his voice and tone, using his tongue and forming different mouth shapes. Besides, it’s heart warming to hear and will come in useful for future farmyard visits! So here’s how I’m trying my very best to get him ooh-ooh-ah-ahing, oinking and baaing.

    12-18 Months, Parenting
    / November 3, 2017