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    Facing my Fears: Labour Induction

    I’m writing this at 9pm on Tuesday 31st May 2016. 11 days overdue and no longer under the illusion that Pickle will be a May-baby. I could throttle all those people who have said to me over the past however many months ‘Oh May, what a lovely time to have a baby.’ I’m about to enter the world of labour induction.

    On Wednesday 1st June, at 8am, I’ll be ringing the Antenatal Ward at Worcester Royal Hospital to see what time they want me in for a labour induction. The one and only thing I always said I wanted to avoid. read more

    / June 1, 2016
  • overdue pregnant lady waiting

    9 Days Overdue: Update from Mom

    Hi. It’s me. I’m still pregnant. Being overdue sucks.

    I honestly never thought I’d get to this stage – 9 days overdue today and counting. I’ve always felt sorry for women who go overdue, imagining the annoyance and discomfort they must be feeling but I had no idea JUST how frustrating it is. It’s pure mental torture. A constant waiting game where every day you get your hopes up enough just to think there might be a light at the end of this 40 week+ tunnel but then yet again, nothing happens. And you start to feel like an idiot for even thinking you might have felt the first twinges of something. Weirdly, the longer it goes on, the further from meeting our baby I feel. Even though I know that’s not true. read more

    Pregnancy, Weekly Updates
    / May 29, 2016
  • pregnant baby bump 40 weeks

    Due Date – Update from Mom

    This is so surreal. Today is 20th May 2016. Pickle’s Due Date. The day we’ve been counting up/down to since we found out we were expecting last September. It’s been quite the rollercoaster journey since, and certainly not what I expected at all. But in all honesty, I did think Pickle might have been here by now. God knows why. I’m late for everything (except my own birth, ironically) and it looks as though baby will be following in my adult rather than infant footsteps. As long as they are fashionably late and not, you know, late-late.

    read more

    Pregnancy, Weekly Updates
    / May 20, 2016
  • 38 weeks pregnant

    38 Weeks – Update From Mom

    It feels really surreal that this is likely to be one of the last pregnancy updates I write. I can’t quite believe I’ve now been pregnant for 38 weeks. Pickle could arrive any day now and as I hit the 39 week mark – I really am hoping it’s sooner rather than later. I’m ‘approved’ to go to the Midwife Led Unit as long as labour starts naturally before 42 weeks so I’m just keeping all my fingers crossed that I don’t end up needing an induction. I’ve got a few weeks before needing to cross that bridge… but nevertheless, it remains constantly on my mind.

    I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking at this stage, but every day it feels like Pickle drops a little bit lower which I’m taking as a good sign although blimey, this bump isn’t half starting to feel heavy! I’ve definitely developed a rather pronounced pregnancy waddle and moving anywhere takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Yesterday I just walked the VERY short distance to the corner shop (to buy some golden syrup for my homemade flapjacks) and there was a moment where I wasn’t sure if I’d manage the walk back. read more

    Pregnancy, Weekly Updates
    / May 13, 2016
  • LPM Made This: Flapjacks for Labour

    If you’ve had a gander at my Pre-baby Maternity Leave Bucket List, you’ll know that I wanted to make some flapjacks for labour to take to the hospital with me for labour. I’m not really sure where this idea came from, but I’ve been pretty set on it since we discussed labour in one of our NCT classes. I think there’s part of me that thinks baking flapjacks is a really ‘mumsy’ thing to do so I’m starting as I mean to go on…

    With the shelf-life of the average flapjack lasting about a week, I’ve been holding off making them, but with 9 days left until due date – now seems a good a time as any. I can always whip up another batch if needed! read more

    Crafts, Pregnancy
    / May 12, 2016
  • knitting wool colours for baby

    Setting myself a Labour Challenge

    Well, I’ve hit the 38 weeks of pregnancy mark which means Little Pickle could decide to make their appearance any time in the next four weeks now… It goes without saying that labour is pretty much constantly on my mind at the moment and I’m doing my best to try and approach it positively. You may have previously read my post on Labour Vs. Marathon and if you have, you’ll know I enjoy a challenge. I know I function well if I’m determined to do something and setting myself a challenge seems to work well for that… so much like completing a marathon is an incredible physical challenge, I decided to set myself a Labour Challenge, something to complete whilst in labour to help me focus on something other than pain and give me something to work towards (apart from having a baby, obviously).

    I’m aware this might sound like the most ridiculous thing. Surely birthing our first child is challenge enough? And yes, it definitely will be! But an added challenge might help me stay calm and help me out mentally. So what it is? read more

    Crafts, Pregnancy
    / May 7, 2016