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    A Pregnancy Infographic from Hartmann

    This is a collaborative post.

    T’is the season for pregnancy announcements, it seems! My social media timelines are full of happy news sharing, and expanding tummies. Whilst I don’t have any news of the same kind to share (just trying to get a decent night sleep over here… ain’t no time or energy spare for baby-making!), I can’t help but think back to my own pregnancy, and in particular those first few months when everything was so exciting and new. Lots of women say the first trimester is the hardest but for me, that was the best bit. I loved learning about what my body was doing, and how the hormonal changes were taking effect. There was so much to take in! What foods were best to keep myself and baby healthy? What foods did I need to avoid? How many cups of tea were safe to drink in a day? What on earth are pelvic floor exercises and why did I need to do them? Reading this newly created pregnancy infographic from Hartmann, the incontinence specialists, brought it all back for me, and one day, maybe one day, I’ll be reading it afresh with the excitement only a newly discovered pregnancy can bring. read more

    / September 21, 2017
  • Bravado Nursing Bra Yoga

    ‘Over-the-top’ Comfort with Bravado Nursing Bras

    When I was pregnant, I woefully underestimated how many nursing bras I would need. I thought I’d buy myself a few and keep washing and wearing on rotation and that would do me for however long I successfully fed for. But, if you’ve got experience of breastfeeding, you’ll know it’s not that simple! Firstly, my boobs have been ALL sorts of crazy sizes over the last eighteen months. There’s no way I could have gotten away with wearing the same size this whole entire time. The size varies throughout the day, let alone on a month by month basis depending on how much Pickle is feeding. And secondly, some of them really don’t last very long – some of the cheaper ones I bought started to look pretty grim and gruesome after a few washes and they’re definitely not doing much supporting anymore… so when Bravado offered me some of their Bravado nursing bras that have some degree of size-flexibility and look top quality to review – I leaped at the chance! And I’m a little gutted I didn’t find out about them earlier, to be honest.

    read more

    Parenting, Pregnancy, Reviews
    / September 7, 2017
  • Recovering from Antenatal Depression

    At 30 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with antenatal depression (you can read my diagnosis story over at Mumsy Midwife). I can’t describe what a crushing blow it was. Even though on some level, it was a relief to hear that there was a reason behind my debilitating mood, hearing those words made me feel like a complete and utter failure. I thought it was my fault. I cursed myself for already being a ‘bad mother’ and was determined – for my sake and Pickle’s – to turn things around as quickly as I could.

    Although any form of perinatal depression is more common if the patient has a history of mental health concerns, it wasn’t something I had ever experienced before. I didn’t really know how long it was likely to last, and how I’d feel on the medication I’d been given. I wanted to feel like there was a light at the end of a tunnel, but without having an accurate measurement for how long the tunnel was, it was difficult to feel hope was coming any time soon. However, I knew what I could do to help myself feel a bit more like myself again. I knew I needed to make myself feel a bit more proud of my achievements (however small!), I knew I needed to get some better nutrition and I knew being honest and open with my friends and family would make me feel less alone…. So I made myself an action list of things I wanted to do – some daily tasks, some weekly or some one-off – that I hoped would pull me out of the depression cloud quicker. read more

    Parenting, Pregnancy
    / November 18, 2016
  • Well, this weekend SUCKS

    Whatever I had chosen to do this weekend, I’d be wracked with guilt. Guilt is a weird word to use because it inherently implies that I’ve done something wrong, something naughty or illegal… which I don’tĀ thinkĀ  I have, but I still feel guilty. Mummy Guilt. This weekend, I’m missing out on my best friend’s hen do.

    Before Pickle was born, I was determined that I’d be able to attend. Admittedly, I was nervous – I had no idea how I’d feel about leaving a baby behind and not knowing how easy or difficult I’d find it made me anxious. But I knew I wanted to go. She’s my best friend! Of COURSE I had to go. I wanted to be there to celebrate this huge milestone event. I wanted to drink cocktails and be all embarrassed by dressing up in the typical hen do regalia! How could I miss it? It was such a no brainer that I didn’t even really consider the practicalities thoroughly. I just had the vague idea that I could express my milk and it’d be nice for LPD (Little Pickle’s Dad) to have a whole weekend exclusively with the baby. Easy peasy. read more

    / July 29, 2016
  • Antenatal Depression – the start of my story

    It’s something I’ve alluded to for a while but not openly admitted: I suffered from antenatal depression whilst pregnant. Thankfully, now that I’m feeling a million times better, I’m ready to be more open and honest about my perinatal mental health and I’m looking forward to sharing more about my experience.

    The start of my story is part of Mumsy Midwife‘s Mums and Mental Health series: read it here. read more

    Parenting, Pregnancy
    / July 4, 2016
  • Sleeping baby

    Introducing Pickle – finally!

    Much like Pickle, this post is long overdue… but I am incredibly proud and excited to properly introduce our beautiful baby boy.

    He was born at 4.50pm, on Friday 3rd June – at exactly 42 weeks gestation via an emergency c-section. After starting my induction at 10am on the Wednesday, it was a long long affair but that’s a story for another day. If you read my post about facing my fears of induction, pretty much everything I didn’t want to happen, did happen! But that’s okay, because our gorgeous son is here safe and sound and I have absolutely no regrets. read more

    0-6 Months, Parenting, Pregnancy
    / June 27, 2016