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  • Pickle cuddling Flop from Bing with his new grown up haircut

    Toddler Hair Care with Johnson’s Baby

    This is a collaborative post with Johnson’s Baby.

    In the past few weeks, both Pickle and I have had our hair cut. Which may not sound like much to write a blog post about, but it was Pickle’s very first professional haircut so it marked a huge milestone. Getting your child’s hair cut is weirdly emotional… and I can’t quite pin down the reason why. Is it because it always makes them look more grown up? Is it because (particularly in Pickle’s case) it took such a long time for him to grow what hair they had, that it seems like a shame to chop it off? Is it because we’re purposefully choosing to alter their physical identity? read more

    Aged 2+, Johnson's Baby, Parenting
    / October 5, 2018
  • Happy Pickle with his Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset

    Inside Fun with Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom

    It’s been a busy and stressful time of late: we’re still not unpacked after moving house and it feels like my to-do list is only ever increasing. A few weeks ago, I was sent this Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom toy to review with Pickle, and it’s been constantly in the back of my mind ever since I excitedly picked it up from the Post Office. In the cardboard city chaos of our home, it wasn’t until this weekend that I felt I had the space and the time to crack it open and see what it was all about.

    Oh, how I wish I’d have done it sooner. read more

    Aged 2+, Parenting, Reviews
    / October 1, 2018
  • How We Deal with our Toddler Biting

    Our toddler is a biter. And dealing with biting is emotional. It’s by far the thing I’ve tried to Google the answer to the most as a parent (yes, even more than how-to-get-your-child-to-sleep). And whilst I can’t say we’ve found the magic solution (Pickle still does sometimes bite), I wanted to share how we’ve chosen to deal with it in case it’s useful for anyone else, and to help combat some of the feelings of isolation that come with being the parent of a biter.

    I feel I need to preface this post with a massive disclaimer: I am not, in any way, claiming I have the answer to toddler biting. I’m not even sure sometimes if what we’re doing is enough, or right (a word I think has no place being connected to parenting: we all do what we think is best, there is no right way), but it’s what we’ve decided is our current strategy. I am not a child psychologist. I am not a medical professional. I am a parent. And I’m doing what I think is best for us. read more

    Aged 2+, Parenting
    / September 26, 2018
  • Thomasland in the Summer, with 365Tickets

    It’s been a summer of theme park fun for us this year! After a very successful trip to Peppa Pig World, followed by our recent day out at Alton Towers, we completed our theme park trio by visiting Drayton Manor’s Thomasland earlier this month. We had been to Thomasland before during their Magical Christmas event in December and we’d had such a lovely time, but I was quite looking forward to seeing how our day out would compare in the summertime. We owe a big thank you to 365Tickets for organising our tickets for us, and I’ll definitely be looking up their discounted Drayton Manor prices for the future.

    I was a little nervous about visiting in the height of the summer holidays – peak season for theme parks. Queues don’t really bother me when I’m on my own, but standing still for upwards of twenty minutes isn’t particularly easy for an energetic toddler. When we arrived at about 11am, Thomasland was even busier than I had imagined. I took one look around and knew we’d have a battle on our hands if we attempted to get on any rides with Pickle. Strategic decision made: we’d stop and have an earlier lunch first and then visit the zoo and park. read more

    Aged 2+, Days Out, Lifestyle, Parenting
    / August 23, 2018
  • The view of the bay from the golf course at Trevornick

    Camping at Trevornick, Cornwall

    We love holidaying in the UK, and although it would be lovely to go abroad one day as a family, there’s something about exploring our own country which will never get old for me. Buying our tent earlier this year has already been such a worthwhile investment and top of our list this year was to start seeing more of the gorgeous Cornish coast. At the end of July, we packed up the car and set off for a super family-friendly site near Newquay in Cornwall called Trevornick, who put us up for a few nights so that we could test out their facilities. It was that good, that we didn’t want to leave. We extended our stay by a couple of extra nights, and would have stayed for longer if we could. We absolutely loved it.

    Journey & Arrival

    As much as I was excited to holiday in Cornwall, I was a little apprehensive about the journey to begin with. I had originally hoped we could find a campsite on the way down to stay for a couple of nights but after LPD (Little Pickle’s Dad) got booked for a hog roast on the Saturday, that was no longer feasible. It all turned out for the best though, as it actually made for the perfect opportunity to stop over in Exeter, visit LPD’s sister and wish her a happy birthday. read more

    Aged 2+, Camping, Countryside, Lifestyle, Parenting, UK Travel
    / August 21, 2018
  • Eating our picnic at the start of the day at Alton Towers

    CBeebiesland at Alton Towers with Peperami

    I’ve spoken many times about how we’re a CBeebies family. You may judge me for it, but it’s pretty much on every morning in our house, in the background whilst we eat breakfast, get dressed and pack our bags for the day. My cousin once told me they use the scheduling to help keep them on time for the school run – if they’ve not got their shoes on by the time Octonauts comes on, they know they’re in trouble. I could probably sing the theme tune to any of the programmes, without needing a prompt (Go go, go go… Go Jetters!) and I’ve watched Something Special so many times that I know the names of the children in each series that do the ‘Time to Sign’ Makaton with Justin. So of course, visiting CBeebiesland at Alton Towers has been on my to-do list ever since we first ventured to Thomasland at Drayton Manor and realised how much fun children’s themes parks are.

    When Peperami got in touch, challenging us to see if we were brave enough to try the new Wicker Man ride at Alton Towers, it sounded like a perfectly good excuse to actually check out some of the adult rides at a theme park for a change, even though I knew we’d probably still spend most of our time in CBeebiesland. I packed us a picnic, punched in the postcode on our Sat Nav, and we ventured off on one of the hottest days of the year for our very first trip to Alton Towers. read more

    Aged 2+, Days Out, Lifestyle, Parenting, Reviews
    / August 11, 2018