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  • Little Pickle's Mom and Dad cup of tea alfresco

    The Ordinary Moments – A Kind of Date

    This week’s Ordinary Moments is in part inspired by Laura from Five Little Doves’ recent post I’m Sorry if I Fooled You (which is a must read by the way). Her post tells the story behind some of her instagram photos and this week I feel like I need to do the same with one of mine too. Because I think we all know, if you dig a little deeper or tell a bit more of a story, there’s much more to a photo than its first appearance.

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    Marriage, Parenting
    / April 2, 2017
  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Craft

    LPM Made This: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

    Ah, it’s this time of year again… when I pretend that I don’t need to buy into commercialism to prove my love but secretly hope I’ll be surprised with a wonderfully thoughtful and romantic gift. Last year I wrote about my Number #1 Relationship Tip (which is just as relevant now as a year ago) but this year I’ve got something a little more creative to share. If you know LPD in real life, you’ll know he’s not the most natural romantic, but I like to think I am so if you’re on the hunt for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, I’ve got a quick and easy idea for you.

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    Crafts, Marriage
    / February 12, 2017
  • Our First Wedding Anniversary

    Today is our first wedding anniversary! What a day that was, and what a year it has been…

    Our wedding day was magical, filled with love and laughter. It’s a day that overwhelmed us with how wonderful our friends and family were! Our wedding was very much a DIY affair, and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without our closest friends and family lending a hand and quite frankly – working their butts off to make sure everything went smoothly! That made it all the more special, and I’ll be forever grateful. read more

    / April 11, 2016
  • Love letters Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day: My #1 Relationship Tip

    Whether you buy into holiday commercialisation or not: Happy Valentine’s Day! You can’t avoid it, the day of all things love is upon us and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month (and more!), you  won’t have been able to escape the saccharine sweet advertising bombardments helpfully reminding you to buy your loved one(s) all you can afford and more to showcase your undying love.

    LPD and I have always been a bit Valentine’s Day reserved – we’re definitely not Valentine’s Day adverse (we’ve both been known to buy each other soppy cards and usually can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen to have a nice meal together) but we don’t go all out. For us, it’s all about the little ways you show each other you care and it’s just a nice excuse to have a bit of a date night, isn’t it? Especially after the bleak financially dry month of January! read more

    / February 14, 2016
  • Cheeky Nandos Redditch

    Date Night – Cheeky Nandos and Cinema

    As much as we’re both looking forward to the arrival of Pickle, we’re definitely making a conscious effort to really maximise the ‘us’ time we have together beforehand and I really want to continue valuing precious Husband & Wife time when we can post-baby-arrival too! Having had so much wonderful time off together over Christmas, I’m slightly mourning the fact that we’ve both returned to work and no longer can spend all day together.

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    / January 5, 2016
  • Watching your Husband grow into a Dad

    Without wanting to induce any sickness to those ladies who might be reading this whilst pregnant, I’m hopelessly in love with my husband, Little Pickle’s Dad (LPD). He really is one of a kind, and I honestly have no idea how I ended up being so lucky. He’s without doubt the kindest, most caring, selfless man I’ve ever met who never fails to make me laugh. He’s handsome, scrumptious and I already know he’ll be the best of Dads. I’m also slightly worried our future children will like him more than me but that’s probably the subject of a whole new blog post…

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    Marriage, Pregnancy
    / December 16, 2015