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  • LPM Made This: #GBBO Jaffa Cakes

    I’m not much of a ‘live’ TV viewer (more of a binge Netlix user!), but the three programmes I make an exception for are Masterchef, The Great British Sewing Bee and, of course, BAKE OFF. I’m still not exactly sure what makes Bake Off such compelling viewing considering it’s just a bunch of people whisking up eggs and watching oven doors but the magic mix of Mary Berry, Mel and Sue and the Hollywood Death Stare has got me hooked. Along with most of the country.

    I won’t spoil it too much in case you haven’t caught up yet, but Week One’s technical challenge was to make… Jaffa Cakes! Honestly, you’d have thought some of them had never heard of a Jaffa cake by the way they went about it so I decided to give it a go and see if it was really as difficult as some of them made it look. read more

    / August 31, 2016
  • Baby Knitted Cardigan Baby Blue

    LPM Made This: Knitted Baby Cardigan

    You may remember that I challenged myself to knit a hat whilst in labour… And I kind of did. And by kind of, I mean that I did do some knitting whilst in hospital – it just wasn’t a hat and it definitely wasn’t whilst I was in the delivery room, only whilst I was on the antenatal ward. Seeing as I had a half finished cardigan on the go, I decided to just carry on with that instead of starting a new hat, especially as I already had a knitted hat I thought would fit a baby but I didn’t have a big enough cardigan.

    Working on it whilst waiting for the induction to hot up gave me a sense of peace – I felt that even though I obviously wasn’t able to prepare for Pickle’s arrival without medical help physically, I was still being productive and at least was in control of something.  read more

    / July 12, 2016
  • Baby Milestone card - handmade

    LPM Made This: WIN a set of Handmade Baby Milestone Cards

    A couple of weekends ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a colleague’s baby shower. She’s due only a couple of weeks after me (but at this rate, her baby will be here before Pickle!) and it’s been really special to be able to go through our pregnancy journeys together. In fact, I think I’d have driven myself (even more) insane without her. The baby shower was a glorious buffet-filled sunshine-y affair with a hand-drawn bib competition and guess the celebrity baby quiz (I was awful) and I was super pleased to have made her a little handmade gift to mark the occasion: a set of baby milestone cards.

    Baby milestone cards are a set of little cards that chart your baby’s age and significant achievements. The idea is that you can take a photo with your baby when they reach these milestones as a way to remember the special moments! I’ve seen quite a few friends on Facebook use these and I’ve always thought it’s a nice way to chart your baby’s progress. I’d seen a lovely set on Amazon but the only problem was… I hadn’t left myself enough time to order them. And I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d be able to pick up a set from a normal shop. read more

    / May 23, 2016
  • LPM Made This: Flapjacks for Labour

    If you’ve had a gander at my Pre-baby Maternity Leave Bucket List, you’ll know that I wanted to make some flapjacks for labour to take to the hospital with me for labour. I’m not really sure where this idea came from, but I’ve been pretty set on it since we discussed labour in one of our NCT classes. I think there’s part of me that thinks baking flapjacks is a really ‘mumsy’ thing to do so I’m starting as I mean to go on…

    With the shelf-life of the average flapjack lasting about a week, I’ve been holding off making them, but with 9 days left until due date – now seems a good a time as any. I can always whip up another batch if needed! read more

    Crafts, Pregnancy
    / May 12, 2016
  • knitting wool colours for baby

    Setting myself a Labour Challenge

    Well, I’ve hit the 38 weeks of pregnancy mark which means Little Pickle could decide to make their appearance any time in the next four weeks now… It goes without saying that labour is pretty much constantly on my mind at the moment and I’m doing my best to try and approach it positively. You may have previously read my post on Labour Vs. Marathon and if you have, you’ll know I enjoy a challenge. I know I function well if I’m determined to do something and setting myself a challenge seems to work well for that… so much like completing a marathon is an incredible physical challenge, I decided to set myself a Labour Challenge, something to complete whilst in labour to help me focus on something other than pain and give me something to work towards (apart from having a baby, obviously).

    I’m aware this might sound like the most ridiculous thing. Surely birthing our first child is challenge enough? And yes, it definitely will be! But an added challenge might help me stay calm and help me out mentally. So what it is? read more

    Crafts, Pregnancy
    / May 7, 2016
  • Dressmaking Course at Sew Me Something

    Dressmaking Course – Week Three

    Last time I caught you up on my dressmaking adventures at Sew Me Something, my Simplicity New Look 6871 top was almost complete. First on the task list for Week Three was to finish that off and learn how to make bias binding. If you’d like to catch up on my previous dressmaking blog posts, go and have a gander at Week One and Week Two.

    Bias binding is something I’ve heard a lot about but (until now) has been a complete mystery to me. I knew that fabric on the ‘bias’ meant cutting on the diagonal to give the fabric a bit more stretch, give and flexibility but didn’t really understand how you’d do that and couldn’t get my head around how you’d then attach it to a garment… read more

    / March 7, 2016