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  • Paper Ink Academy papercuts at the Worcestershire Etsy Market

    Meet Your Local Worcestershire Etsy Sellers

    This is a collaborative post with the Worcestershire Etsy team.

    If you scroll all the way back through my blog posts, you may be surprised to learn that this was my very first post: LPM Made This: Envelope Back Cushion Cover. Every now and then, this blog of mine gets a little bit of crafting fun sprinkled over it – in fact, there used to be a whole crafts section until I made the sad realisation that I didn’t have the time for crafts like I used to. My love for all things homemade hasn’t diminished though, and so when I received the most wonderful parcel a few weeks a go from the Worcestershire Etsy Team, I was beside myself with excitement. read more

    Crafts, Lifestyle
    / December 10, 2018
  • Getting a little bit messy with DoddleArt box supplies from Doddlebags

    Painting with the DoddleArt Box

    Initially, I was nervous about sending Pickle to Nursery. I was worried he’d be confused by it all. I was worried they wouldn’t care for him in the same way I would. And I was worried it wouldn’t be worth the money. But I needn’t have worried – Pickle absolutely loves it there. In fact, most nights he doesn’t want to come home. He gets to play all day long with his friends, he loves eating with them all at the little table and they spend lots of time outside – which is always his favourite way to spend time. And they also do lots of crafts.

    Crafting with Toddlers

    Pickle loves it: he paints, he glues, he sticks, he draws, he bakes, he decorates… they make super cute cards that have handprints or footprints on and it means I have those lovely little toes imprinted forever without having to contend with the mess myself. I know these are the things I should be doing more with him. But we all know what it’s like, don’t we? The thought of the post-activity clean up operation is enough to make you think twice! The risk of adding further to the stains on the carpet is too high. What I initially think is going to be a lovely, cute little bonding activity just turns out to be a right stress fest. read more

    18-24 Months, Crafts, Parenting, Reviews
    / July 1, 2018
  • Cute but Scary Bat

    5 Places for Halloween Inspiration

    When I was younger, Halloween wasn’t really a ‘thing’ in our home. I grew up in a fairly religious household so rather than celebrate Halloween, I used to go to these ‘Light and Laughter’ parties held at the church which always felt a little bit like a poor man’s substitute. When I was old enough to do my own thing, it never really held much appeal to me – seemed like a lot of hassle… but now I’m a parent? I’m ALL OVER HALLOWEEN. The chance to dress my child up in novelty items and work on a themed party? Yes, please. The problem is, I obviously don’t have that much past experience to draw on, so I’ve needed to hunt out some ideas and here’s where I’ve discovered are the best places to hit for Halloween inspiration.

    Cute but Scary Bat read more

    Crafts, Parenting
    / October 21, 2017
  • Easy Mother’s Day Crafts with Homebase

    Easy and Child Friendly Mother's Day Crafts - Macrame plant pot holder and personalised coasters

    I am a complete sucker for a homemade gift. In my eyes, it means so much more to receive a gift that has been lovingly crafted as time is the most precious thing we have. My Mum has been the recipient of her fair share of Hollymade gifts over the years: painted glassware, framed papercuts, photo mosaics, baked goods… I was starting to run out of ideas but thankfully, Homebase came to the rescue and invited me to a special Mother’s Day crafts workshop at their store in Selly Oak.

    Homebase Mother's Day Craft Event read more

    / March 16, 2017
  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Craft

    LPM Made This: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

    Ah, it’s this time of year again… when I pretend that I don’t need to buy into commercialism to prove my love but secretly hope I’ll be surprised with a wonderfully thoughtful and romantic gift. Last year I wrote about my Number #1 Relationship Tip (which is just as relevant now as a year ago) but this year I’ve got something a little more creative to share. If you know LPD in real life, you’ll know he’s not the most natural romantic, but I like to think I am so if you’re on the hunt for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, I’ve got a quick and easy idea for you.

    Last Minute Valentine's Day Craft read more

    Crafts, Marriage
    / February 12, 2017
  • LPM Made This: #SimplicitySewingChallenge Simplicity 6346 Pattern

    Back when I did my Introduction to Dressmaking course in March, I had wonderful visions of knocking myself up a quick top or dress whilst the baby slept but the reality has been far from different. How naive was I to think I’d have the luxury of free time on my hands?! I decided to take part in the Simplicity Sewing Challenge, hoping that the concrete deadline would make me somehow FIND the time to complete it. Nothing like a good deadline to spur you on, eh?

    The newcomers category pattern was Simplicity 6346, a fairly easy looking pattern with the option of either front opening buttons or a zip at the back. Seeing as my last skirt had a zip at the back, I thought I’d try something new and go for the buttons, in the shorter length. Midi length does not go well with my calves! read more

    / September 30, 2016