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  • Baby Pizza Making at Ask Italian Stratford upon Avon

    How should a toddler behave at a Restaurant?

    You may have spotted on my Instastories that last week, Pickle and I had a little lunch-date after being invited to a newly opened Ask Italian restaurant in Stratford-upon-Avon. I was so looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about the restaurant chain, how they make their pizzas and enjoy some top notch pasta that I didn’t even get nervous about Pickle’s behaviour until we were in the car on the way there. And then it hit me like a bus: what if he won’t sit nicely? What if he throws his food everywhere? What if he shrieks like a banshee and disturbs the other diners? I suddenly began to think of all the things I didn’t pack for him that I probably should have: a plastic plate so that we didn’t risk smashing the restaurant’s ones, his water bottle, a handful of quiet toys and a fully charged tablet ready to go with the Cbeebies app. I was putting a lot of faith in the magical powers of a single board book (although, it was The Gruffalo so you know, that is pretty magical). And I had no idea how I’d have enough hands to contain him as well as take photographs for the blog.

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    12-18 Months, Dining Out, Lifestyle, Parenting, Reviews
    / November 1, 2017
  • La Famiglia Penne Alle Rusticana Prezzo

    Dining Out with La Famiglia at Prezzo

    Before Pickle came along, LPD and I would often eat out. Oh, those were the days… when we didn’t have a baby-bedtime to rush home for or an evening of being too tired to do anything but mindlessly watch Netflix to look forward to. Lack of available time and a massively reduced monthly income mean that dining out is very much classed as a luxury these days, but that needn’t be the case really and an early Sunday dinner at Prezzo with La Famiglia¬†has really made me realise it’s far more do-able than I thought.

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    Dining Out, Lifestyle, Parenting, Reviews
    / June 16, 2017